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Adding custom attributes to the file list in DMX 3

A complaint that reappears in the inbox is the inability to show custom attributes on the file list. It used to be possible, but the drawback was a performance penalty. Now it has vanished and some people have noticed this. So how can you go about fixing this? Read here how it's done ...

Back at work

We've returned from a great trip to Belgium and The Netherlands. Now it's time to get down to DMX 4 again.

DNN France

Last Friday (16th March) I had the pleasure of meeting my friends of the DNN community in France again. It has been a while since I saw them last and I extended and detoured a previously planned business trip so I could be there. The wife didn't seem to mind the extension. Instead, she opted to join me there so we could have a weekend in Paris. Not a bad idea ...

DNN 04.04.00 Bug

There is a bug in DNN 04.04.00 which will prevent DMX from working if the user is unauthenticated.